Avraham, an elderly and stubborn fruit-grower, played by Shaike Ofir, lives on a block of land overlooking the old city of Jerusalem, and property developers are looking to purchase his property, but he refuses. In a parallel plot, an autistic blonde girl (Melanie Griffith) is being harassed and attacked by a gang of three teenagers. She finds refuge in the garden that is Abraham's property, but the gang finds her there and rip off her clothes. From here on she is naked throughout the whole movie. Abraham, a deeply religious Jew, has a glimpse of her naked and believes than an angel has come to dwell in his garden. He then starts bringing food to the garden as an offering to his personal angel. Meanwhile the property developer who was unsuccessful with Abraham tries to find ways to convince him to sell by approaching his son, Itzhack, but this move is unsuccessful and Abraham refuses again. Itzhack's wife is very angry on her father in law and the young couple has a big fight. Itzhack leaves his residence and walks to his father's property, where he chases out the gang of three who was still trying to rape the girl. Itzhack saves her, after which they make love. Avraham hears noises and comes to kill the attacker with a hoe, in a scene reminding the viewer of Itzhack's sacrifice in the Bible. In the last minute however Abraham realizes that the angel was only a girl and the attacker is Itzhack and does not kill him. Abraham decides to sell the garden. 

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